Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekly Chores

Oh those pesky chores.... getting everyone involved has proved to be a challenge for me, so I toyed around with two ideas, a magnetic chart where it would be moved from one side of the board to the other as completed (but then I couldn't check on everyone).... or the following that I made. I picked up three wooden "gift bags" from Michaels and some clothespins. I had the kids paint them the color of their choice and let them pick the wooden design. Then I wrote the chores on painted clothespins:

1) The pins that are the same color as their bag are theirs each week.
2) The green pins are 5 min chores (and they blindly pick two of those per week)
3) The yellow pins are 10+ min chores (they blindly pick two of those per week until they get older, then it will be more)
4) The blue ones are chores that the parents have to do (cleaning the microwave, betta tank, etc)

When they are done with the chore, they just drop the pin into the bag.I am also going to create a framed daily list for morning, after school and evening for us to check off with a dry erase pen, which will help us get into the swing of things as the new school year is about to begin.

Anyway, here is the picture of my chore assignments:

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